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Un Professionista Sicuro: Il tuo Broker Assicurativo Che Ti Protegge Sempre!


The broker is a professional expert in risk management and insurance solutions, intermediary between the needs of customers and the market.

It plays a fundamental consultancy role for the management and mitigation of risks and the transfer of residual risks to the insurance market.



The modern broker must be able to offer the client a complete service, always and in any case "personalised", divided into different moments:

  • Risk analysis

  • Definition of contractual specifications

  • Identification of suitable insurance companies

  • Contract management

  • Assistance in the liquidation of damages

  • Constant update on the dynamics of risks and on the trend of the insurance market

The legislation

The activity of insurance and reinsurance intermediaries is defined by article 106 of Legislative Decree no. 209/2005 – Private Insurance Code
“activity which consists in presenting or proposing insurance and reinsurance products or in providing assistance and consultancy aimed at this
activity and, sand foreseen by the intermediary assignment, in the conclusion of the contracts or in the collaboration in the management or execution, especially in the event of claims, of the stipulated contracts."

The figure of the Broker is defined by Isvap Regulation n. 5 of 10/16/2006:


"Mediators or brokers are intermediaries who act on behalf of the customer and who do not have powers to represent insurance or reinsurance undertakings"

The conditions for access to the profession of intermediary:


The intermediary must not have been convicted of a criminal offense or have been subjected to taxationto bankruptcy proceedings.


The intermediary must possess the professional requisites deriving from a previous registration in the repealed professional registers or from passing a special qualification exam. The maintenance of the level of professionalism is guaranteed by the holding of refresher courses every two years.


The intermediary must not have ties of any kind with insurance companies. Customers must be made aware of any cross-shareholdings exceeding 10% of the share capital in the pre-contractual information.


The Broker has the obligation, in addition to joining the Guarantee Fund, to take out a professional civil liability policy to cover any damage caused to customers due to errors deriving from their own or their collaborators' inexperience, imprudence or negligence.

Our absolute priority is to guarantee a high quality service to the customer, respecting all the norms and rules that regulate the world of insurance.

We are always up to date on industry news and are committed to providing customized solutions that meet customer needs.

The protection and protection of the customer are at the center of our interest, to ensure maximum satisfaction and trust.

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